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Welcome to our Artist Page!

» camel 03/23/08 12:11:25

Sample Artist Welcome to our Sample Artist Web page! Using the links above you can check out our songs. read more...

Welcome to Jamroom!

» camel 03/23/08 12:11:25

Welcome to Jamroom!

Thank you for installing Jamroom - the Ultimate Media Content Management System (MCMS)!

Jamroom is the perfect solution to building your online community of Artists and friends - it is fast, extremely flexible and very powerful.

This message that you are reading is an example of a Admin Blog message, and can be modified (or deleted) from the Jamroom Admin Control Panel under "Admin Blog" -> "Modify Message".

The Look and Feel of the page you are currently looking at has been defined as the Jamroom Skin, and is called "Sage". The template files for the Sage skin are located in the jamroom/skins/Sage directory. If you would like to modify the look and feel of your Jamroom site, then that would be a good place to start.

Once logged in as the Master Admin, check out the "Documentation" section in your Admin Menu for documents on how to set up and customize many of the Jamroom features. Also, from the Master Admin menu you can visit the Jamroom User Support Forums, which you will find are very helpful, and full of thousands of Users posts as well as some of the most friendly people in the industry today.

Thanks again for taking your time to install Jamroom - I look forward to seeing you online!

- Brian


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